Law4Vets is here to help you with your VA disability appeals. Let's get YOU the disability benefits you are entitled.

Allow me to help you! I am a Veterans Law Attorney and a former VA employee who has written thousands of appeal decisions for the VA and worked extensively on appeals and remands. The VA decisions are often times full of errors and need to be challenged. The VA appeals process can be a very long process that often times ends in frustration and disappointment for the veteran and their families. Receiving compensation and benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs is more than just receiving money and healthcare. It’s about acknowledgment and recognition of your sacrifice and service to this great country. Let me use my experience and training with the VA to help you receive the benefits you are entitled.


We Help Veterans With the Following

  • Questions about their VA disability appeal.
  • Questions about the benefits they are entitled to as a veteran or spouse.
  • Appealing denied compensation or pension benefits.
  • Frustration with wait times, erroneous decisions and inadequate VA examinations.
  • Navigating a government beaucracy.
  • Unemployability.
  • Needing medical assistance and care at home.
  • Finding the right medical personnel.